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Guiding Light affirmation

Trust the process!

This evening we are entering the New Moon in Gemini, which is a very unique time since the holiday of Shavuot occurs during the beginning of this month. The old testament tells us that this was the time Moses went up to Mount Sinai to receive the 10 utterances. We are told this is the time immortality was achieved. We can connect to this energy at seed level with help from the New Moon. The Ana B’ko’ach is the 42 letter connection to this energy of immortality. It allows us to travel through the worlds and connect to this energy of healing, manifestation and immortality. This prayer grants us renewal, allowing us to release past burdens, so that we may start again, much like the new moon. Take this opportunity to free yourself from restraints and set positive intentions for the life you wish to create. Blessings!  Ana B’Ko’ach (A Kabbalistic Prayer) (2 Versions – Music & Acapella)

Affirmation for happiness

Everyday in every way I am getting HAPPIER AND HAPPIER!!!

Happiness is a choice

You can be anything you want, BE HAPPY!

Gratitude reminder

I can’t say this enough, but if you wish to experience change in your life, one of the most powerful things you can do is express GRATITUDE for what you already have! 

Use these crystals to help reduce stress. You can use during meditation, carry them with you, or keep in your room! Don’t forget to cleanse before hand. One way to do this is by putting your crystal in sea salt. It always help to set an intention (program) when using the crystal. Enjoy!

Eliminate negative thoughts

Use this meditation to help remove negative thoughts and increase positivity! Meditate on the words and release thoughts and emotions which no longer serve you.

Fearless Meditation Card

Use this meditation card to help release fear and move forward!! #meditation #affirmation
(72 names of God meditation deck from the #Kabbalah Centre)