Guruism #1

Just for Today Meditation

Happy New Year 2018

Just for today I choose to let go of what others want.

Just for today I choose to do what I want.

Just for today I choose to be happy joyous and free.

May the holiday spirit be with you and your family today and throughout the New Year. Best Wishes! Robert Salvit.

Reiki Healing

A Healing Session Testimonial

Yom Kippur

Happy New Year and Month of Libra


This Thursday, September 21st, is Rosh Hashanah AND the beginning of the month of Libra (Tishrei).  In the month of Libra – a gateway to a higher dimension, a gateway to the Universal storage of Life Energy – is open to us.  It is during this time that special Universal Energies can assist us in our process of re-creation, rejuvenation and re-designing our destiny for another year.
Take advantage of the special energies that abound at this time and …
Between now and this Thursday take a few minutes to plant 6 seeds.  These 6 seeds will grow and make manifest  your wishes and goals for the new year.

Rabbi Shimone Bar Yochai is the author of the Holy Zohar. Connecting to his essence allows us to connect to the information he channeled.