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The counting of the Omer

Today marks the 13th day of the Omer, which begins the second day of passover and ends the night before Shavu’ot, lasting a total of 49 days. Spiritually, it’s a time for reconstruction and preparation for blessings to come. I personally recommend this book because it provides a detailed step by step guide for each of the 49 days. (“The counting of the omer” written by Rabbi Simon Jacobson)

New Moon of Taurus

Next week Thursday April 27th will start the new moon of Taurus. The Zohar and Avraham the patriarch explained to us in the sacred books that the month of Taurus is a healing month. It is a great opportunity for us to work on our challenges and bring awareness, acceptance and forgiveness to heal long standing issues that block us from moving forward in our lives. If you’re interested in booking a healing session, please click on our book now section.

Chakra Chart


PowerBall Healing Meditation

Powerball is a meditative tool used to direct consciousness and facilitate healing by removing blockages. Click play and learn more about powerball healing and how to turn your thoughts into reality!!